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Udipta Energy commenced Rig hiring, operation and maintenance business in the year 2007. The first rig bought from China and was leased to Ms Well-Flow International of Aberdeen / Bahrain for their Ultra Short Radius Drilling campaign for ONGC Assam. Thereafter, Udipta Energy aggressively pursued the rig hiring business and undertook extensive work over operations. In the subsequent 6 years, 6 more rigs were bought to cater to customer’s requirements. Most of the workover operations in the region are carried out by Udipta personnel using our own rigs and equipment.

Rig Name Registration No Make Model Capacity
UDIPTA-135-I AS-03AC-1188 RG Petro Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd., China XJ550 135 MT
UDIPTA-135-III AS-04AC-5234 Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd. (DFXK) XJ550 135 MT

Today Udipta has competent technical teams to carry out a variety of work over operations listed as under but not limited to :

a) Service Job

  1. Bottom clearing/Well bore (Sand, Cement, etc.) cleaning.
  2. Servicing of Artificial Lift. Re-completion of well with/without any other artificial method, such as gas lift valves and  packer, electrical bottom hole heaters, sucker rod pump, electrical submersible pump.
  3. Casing leakage, Casing repair, replacement of casing, cement repair job, block cementation etc.
  4. Repair/Change of well head/Seal replacement.
  5. Zone transfer of Well.

b) Sand control by using gravel packing / pre-pack screens or chemical treatment including replacement of existing arrangement.

c) Additional perforation/ re-perforation with/without plugging back and subsequent operation to bring the well into production.

d) Conversion of dual string well to single string well and vice versa.

e) Isolation of zones by setting cement plug/ bridge plug/ packer and repair and re-completion in new zone.

f) Fishing operations e.g. fishing of swabbing tools, logging tools, tubings, drill pipes, packers, piano wires, scrappers etc. and re-completion of the well.

g) Milling operations e.g. milling of packers/ bottom hole junks/ bridge plug/ cement retainers/ and any other metallic obstruction.

h) Conversion of oil/gas well into an injector, effluent disposal well and vice versa.

i) Activation and production testing of various objects in multiple layer wells by zone isolation.

j) Work over / Servicing of EOR wells (both dry & wet phase)