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Being deeply entrenched in Oil & Gas operations, Udipta Energy has strived to build resources for different applications so as to have a broader platform to service the industry. Well stimulation services require a wide array of technologies and equipment to cater to the clients. Accordingly, Udipta Energy has equipped itself to render different services. Udipta Energy bought a Hot Oil circulation unit from M/s Rush Sales Co, USA, which has been deployed at ONGC’s western asset in the state of Gujarat. Udipta Energy can provide Coil tubing units, Nitrogen pumping units, Hot oil circulation units, High pressure mobile compressor units etc. Most of the well stimulation activities are carried out in the eastern region in Assam and Asssam-Arakan Basin of ONGC.  Udipta Energy has qualified personnel and equipment to render the following services:

Coil Tubing Unit:

  • Hot Oil Circulation for paraffin removal,
  • Sand clean out,
  • Nitrogen activation,
  • CSQ, acidisation,
  • Drilling with PD motors under reaming and fishing etc.
  • Anti Pollution Operation.
  • Management of emergencies like blow outs,
  • Killing of wells etc under supervision of clients.

Nitrogen Pumping Unit:

  • Well activation,
  • Well-control column unloading,
  • Nitrogen Pumping,
  • Foam clean out,
  • Nitrified acid job etc.

Hot Oil Circulation:

  • Circulation / squeezing of hot oil (800C to 850C or as per requirement of client) in the oil wells, for chemical stimulation jobs during work over operations etc.

High Pressure Mobile Air Compressor:

  • Operate and supply compressed air at minimum discharge rate of 6.0 Cubic Meter per minute up to an operating pressure of 120 kg/cm2 at exit temperature not exceeding 70 degree centigrade.