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Our Mission and Vision:

To harness the Renewable Energy to the highest level so as to make our environment green and healthy by minimizing the carbon emission level and to contribute to the national goal of energy security of India.

India is a tropical country, where sunshine is available for longer hours per day and in great intensity. About 5,000 trillion kWh per year energy is incident over India's land area with most parts receiving 4-7 kWh per sq. m per day which is far more than the total energy consumption of the country today. But, India produces a very negligible amount of solar energy i.e. approximately 0.5 percent compared to other energy resources. As a diversified company in the energy sector, the management of Udipta Energy has decided to diversify its horizon and hence concentrating to expand its one arm towards solar energy. Solar Energy division of Udipta Energy has already laid down the road map to focus on New and Renewable Energy Resources so as to overcome the ever increasing energy demand of the North East Region of India and to become a pioneer in the New and Renewable Energy Sector by using the state of the art technology. Till this time, North East India as a whole is a power deficit region and industrially underdeveloped area and hence to give a momentum of all round development to this region, solar energy is considered to play a vital role with zero effect to its greenery and its virgin natural beauty. The Government of India has also shifted its priority to develop infrastructure to trap and use the new and renewable energy to fulfil the ever growing concern for the country's energy security.

Considering the resource limitation of this region due to geographical location, our research team has found out that the use of combination of Solar Modules and Small Wind Turbines may be a better option in the North East India, which we have already launched in our workshop complex at Sunpura, Sivasagar, Assam.

Our Road map for Renewable Energy:

  • To be in touch with various NGOs who can contribute to fulfil the company's solar mission so as to make the New and Renewable Energy / solar energy popular in the remotest area of this region.
  • To be an exclusive distributor in the North East India for different types of Solar appliances and PV Modules.
  • To put the best effort to develop a skilled maintenance team to take the best care and offer proper maintenance of the solar PV plant throughout its service life.

Ongoing Projects:

We have taken up Solar PV projects in Assam and nearby areas and submitted an Expression of Interest (EoI) to the government of Arunachal Pradesh for the development of Solar Energy in the state and got positive responses from them. We are also in process to take the distributor ship/ dealership of some of the world most renowned companies to provide the basic necessities of power to the people and to contribute for employment generation and better life style of this region by increasing our expertise in this field.