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Vision: “To be a World Class Service Provider Company in Oil & Gas Field Activities and ¬†Industrial Automation.”


  1. Strive for Customer Delight through Quality Services.
  2. Foster a culture of trust, openness, and mutual concern to make working a stimulating and challenging experience for our people.
  3. To adopt a culture of proactiveness in adopting with the latest upgraded technology.
  4. Benefit the society by Leveraging the Human Resource and at the same time fulfilling our obligation of Social Responsibility.
  5. Technological up-gradation for tomorrows work flow.


Our Values:

Udipta Energy has inculcated four Core Values as the Model Code of Conduct.

  1. Human Value & Safety.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Innovation.
  4. Value for Time & Money.

Just to translate the idea of Vision and Mission of the company, the Logo of the company carries the punch line “Commitment to Excellence”.